Monetization : The Progress of of the Internet Developing

Monetization internet
Monetization internet

At one time, almost everything on the internet was free, now Monetization is everywhere,

and the intent was to keep free .

That has changed a lot in recent years.

The vast majority of content on the internet is still free,

but there is a sort of creeping trend towards monetization of content that has many people very worried.

At one time, you could buy software, and you owned that software.

Now, you must buy a subscription to that same program, and pay fees to access it forever.

What Costs Money Now:

Most people now subscribe to streaming services for movies and music and podcasts and a huge amount of other content.
Streaming may give you access to the most up to date version of software,

complete with upgrades and enhanced security measures when applicable,

but some of us are not always happy to find our programs changed without our knowledge or permission.

Software that we once bought on CDs and had forever

now become a constantly changing landscape that can often be hard to navigate.

Is Monetization Good or Bad?

In some ways, a subscription service makes sense, because you always have access to the most up to date version of a program.

You can also have constant access to the newest movies and music,

keep up with news and podcasts and all the latest of everything.

The downsides to streaming services and subscriptions is that you are never finished paying for them.

It is not like buying a CD, where you own that CD

and it will not vanish or change unless some physical damage happens to it.

It is frustrating to find that a movie you want to watch has vanished from your streaming service,

or a feature has disappeared from a program that you use all the time.