Word Processing: MS Word

MS Word
MS Word

The single best-known and most widely used word processing program in the world today is Microsoft Word.

There are good reasons for this, as the program is easily the most efficient and easiest to use word processing program out there.

The first version of Word for Windows first hit the market in 1989,

and it has gone through many updates and improved versions since then.

Although it was not hugely popular at first, Word Processing has become ubiquitous in the writing world.

No matter what you want to write, MS Word has the capacity to accommodate your needs.

MS Word Uses:

There are a huge number of ways to use word .

You can create any kind of document, write letters, construct a resume, or write up a legal contract.

There are templates that you can use that will give you a good start on different types of documents.

Using MS Word, you can create a personalized calendar, a flyer to help you sell something or find a lost item,

a chore schedule for your household, or a birthday card for a friend.

You can write an invoice, create a newsletter, add a cover letter to your resume, or set out a detailed business plan using templates from this program.


There are dozens of helpful features that allow you to make your document unique. 

You can choose your font style, size, and color, construct and insert tables and insert images,

use the built-in thesaurus, and correct errors using the editing tool.

There are options that let you choose the layout of your document, so that you can pick the margins, orientation, and even the spacing.

Bullet lists, numbering, and other ways of sorting lists are easy to find and use.

When you use these options, you can create a document that is entirely unique and looks professional and coherent every time.