Navigation Maps : Google Vs Apple

navigation maps
navigation maps

Google Navigation Maps is used all over the world. 

Apple Navigation Maps is not so widely used, but has its fans, for sure.  Which one is better? 

Both are adequate navigation tools, certainly, but why is Google Maps so much more widely known and used? 

Obviously, if you own an Android phone, your only option is Google Navigation Maps,

since Apple Maps is exclusive to Apple products. 

If you have an iPhone, then you will have a choice of either map system (or you could choose both) so it may help you

to decide which should be your primary tool.

Google Navigation Maps Advantages:

Google Maps was launched in 2005, so it has had a long time to improve the content it delivers. 

Some of the best things Google Maps offers are the ability to save searches,

the toolbar at the bottom that allows you to save addresses and routes along with other handy options. 

Commute is one of those options.  It shows you the current best way to get where you want to go. 

With Google, if you change to “Walking” mode or just zoom in on a location,

it shows you a sidebar with information and pictures of nearby places like restaurants and stores.

Apple Maps Advantages:

Apple Maps is newer and a bit less sophisticated than Google Maps,

but it has a few advantages that are worth mentioning. 

One of the best things about Apple Maps is that it is automatically connected to Siri in any iOS device,

so voice commands work fairly well. 

You can be driving and ask Siri to map a route to where you need to go,

and Siri will start Apple Maps and will guide you to your destination. 

Apple Maps uses a bit less data than Google Maps does, so if you have a limited data plan it will be beneficial.