News Sites

News Sites
News Sites

We are all inundated with News sites  these days,

and it is hard to know for sure when what you are hearing is the truth

or if it is skewed to align with the political biases of the parent organization or when it is the unvarnished truth.

Some of the most popular news sources are not necessarily the most truthful or accurate ones(cough Fox News cough).

So that makes it even more important to verify the truth of the claims they make.

When you are evaluating a news story, you should always consider the source first.

Ask yourself who benefits from you believing the story without question, and why the story was presented the way it was.

Reputable News Sites:

There is a way to get closer to establishing the truthfulness or accuracy of a news source,

and that is the All Sides ratings that are posted on

This website evaluates how biased or inaccurate news sources are.

You can look up various news sources there and discover their overall rating for presenting unbiased news and truthful statements.

Some of the most reputable news sites in the English speaking world are the BBC, C-Span, Associated Press News, and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

These sources may not be perfect, but they do have well-earned reputations for presenting the facts of a story with the minimum of spin.

Evaluating a News Item:

Every time you see or read a news article you should think carefully about a few things before accepting what you have been presented with as the gospel truth.

First, consider the source – is this a reputable news source

or does it have a reputation for skewing the stories it presents to make the facts fit their narrative.

or is it just telling you what happened without trying to overtly influence your opinion about what happened?

Second, ask yourself if there is there a reason (political, financial)

that the organization the presenter works for would want you to believe what they are saying?

When you have answered those two questions,

you should have a better idea of what the truth of the news story actually is.