Online Multi-Player Games

Online Multi-Player Games
Online Multi-Player Games

The popularity of online Multi-Player games (also known as MMOGS or massively multiplayer online games) that many people can participate in has exploded over the last couple of years.

This was probably due to the Covid pandemic and the need for everyone to find entertainment that didn’t require them to leave the house.

Games like World of Warcraft and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Minecraft have untold numbers of players who may never have met each other in real life but are great friends – or rivals – online.

Most people who play MMOGs start out unsure of themselves and their ability to play the game, but the games are designed to bring players along easy and entertaining paths until they are comfortable, competent players.

Most Popular Online Multi-Player Games:

There are so many popular online games that it is almost impossible to choose the best one.

The top game always depends on what list you read, so there are several choices for the absolute top game of all time,

but the all-time most popular online multiplayer game seems to be Minecraft.

Minecraft has over 91 million players, partly because it appeals to people of every age,

so players can range in age from six to ninety-six.

There are plenty of candidates for the second most popular game,

but Player’s Unknown Battle Ground or PUBG may very well have earned that honor, with its 50 million players.

Who Plays These Games?

The people who play online games are a wildly diverse bunch –

everyone from toddlers to nursing home residents enjoy playing a game that suits their age, tastes, and abilities.

There are huge numbers of hard-core gamers who play the most difficult and complicated games,

forming leagues and teams and guilds to allow them to play in coordinated groups.

Many people play online games occasionally, but the ones who play the multiplayer games tend to play

more often once they join a group of some sort, because the group will usually play on a set schedule.

This means that players not only play on that schedule, they will often play between scheduled times to

hone their skills so they can improve their performance in the team.