Passwords and Email Accounts

Passwords and your Email accounts

Most of use don’t plan in advance how we will setup a new account with an online company in advance but every Passwords and Email accounts are linked.

Most of the time you simply input all the boxes without taking the time to think about long term implications.

We all do this.

Passwords and Email Accounts are Linked

What do we mean when we say the password and email account is linked ?

Its simple.

When setting up your new account there are a few mandatory fields that are universally required.

Your Name and your Email address are the primary items.

You think that they need the email account so that you can verify the account.

This is true and the companies use it to ensure that the email address is both valid and your’s.

However if you ever loose the password or change it and forget to make a note then you must recover it.

To do this you click the ‘Lost My PAssword’ link that all login screens have.

At this stage you do NOT have the ability to input what email address to send the link to.

It automatically goes to the setup email address.

As the years go past we all have new email addresses and loose others.

If you loose the email address for a recovery link then you have huge issues.

It is possible to still recover the account but it will be a lot more work and time.

Plan ahead of time what Email addresses you will use

Gmail accounts are really great for using in account setup.

This is because you almost never loose your Gmail account.

Company specific email addresses such as once from your Internet company or work seem fine at the time.

But should you change internet providers you will no longer have that address.

If you need it back at any cost you will at the least have to open a new account with them.

And Pay.

For work ones if you move to a new company you are pretty much out of luck.

Pick what email address you will use ahead of time and always use it.

this way you will not be suddenly stuck when you really need to recover that password.

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