Phone Call Tricks

Phone Call Tricks
Phone Call Tricks

Amazingly enough, There are Phone Call Tricks help us on times when we just want to use our phones as phones. 

We all have the basic knowledge of how to make a phone call or receive one,

but there are a few interesting little ways to make operating your phone a bit easier, faster, and more convenient.

When your hands are full and you can’t reach the buttons on your phone or touch the controls

conveniently, then sometimes it helps to know a little trick to help you do the things you need to do.

Phone Call Tricks Rejecting Calls Politely:

There are times when you just can’t – or don’t want to – answer a call.

If you get a call that you don’t want to answer, but you don’t want to let your phone ring five times

waiting for the voicemail to kick in, you can check the bottom of your screen for a “Send message” or

“Reply” option. 

Touch the icon and slide your finger up the screen to reveal a list of possible replies,

select the one you want and tap it, and your caller will get a text message with whichever option you picked.

Most phones allow you to add a custom message,

which is much more personal than a generic message would be.

Ending a Call:

Sometimes finding the “End Call” button on your screen can be a bit of a pain, especially if you only have one hand free to use the phone with.

Android phones have a shortcut that is really handy, once you know about it.

You should go to Settings, then choose Accessibility.

Somewhere in the accessibility menu should be an option labelled “Power button ends Call” and if you select it, your phone will end calls with one tap of the power button. This makes one-handed phone operation just a little bit easier