Pre-Installed Apps for smartphone

Pre-Installed Apps
Pre-Installed Apps

Every smartphone comes with a set of pre-installed apps that are ready for you to explore and use.

Which apps are included in your phone depends on which phone you buy.

Each brand of phone – and each version of that brand – has a different set of pre-installed apps.

Even if you buy an updated version of the phone you already have,

there will be a slightly different set of apps already installed on the new phone.

iPhone:Pre-Installed Apps

There are usually at least twenty apps pre-installed on an iPhone.

There will be a clock, a calendar, a calculator, and a camera, among others. 

For example, the iPhone 7 has all of the above features as well as a compass,

also a voice memo app, a weather app, and many others. 

Other versions of the iPhone come with a different set of apps installed. 

It can be a bit disorienting to change to a new phone and find that a familiar app is not there.

You can almost always find that app, or one that does the same thing, and get it from the app store.

You can hide apps if you don’t choose to use them, but in most cases, people just opt to ignore any apps they don’t use.


Android phones also come with pre-installed apps, but they have a different set of choices from the iPhone.

There are several different brands of Android phones,

so the full set of pre-installed apps will differ from phone to phone.

All Android phones will have the basics, though, so you can be sure to find a calendar,

a calculator, a clock, a camera, email, music, a web browser, an app store, a contacts folder, and a message folder.

When you are shopping for a phone, it is always a good idea to look through the pre-installed apps that each phone offers. 

If the phone you like doesn’t have an app that you want, though, it’s not the end of the world.

You can always find the app you want and install it yourself.