Premium Conference Calls Offer Added Features

The basic conference call format can be greatly enhanced by service providers or Premium Conference Calls

Premium conference call enhancements include many Premium Charged Features making the service Fast and Easy to use..

Making them more beneficial to your company and enhancing the advantages that they provide.

Bonus Features

You can get a few things that makes organizing your Meeting or Call so much easier.

Your meetings can be the gold standard that all others are compared to with the right package of features.

There are many options that when used fully make the process flawless.

Meeting Backgrounds

Screen backgrounds are the latest craze.

Lets face it, the pandemic has made online conference meetings normal and backgrounds brings a little fun.

Employees are able to inject a little of their personality and feelings into a meeting visually.

There are now literally hundreds of backgrounds you can contemplate.

Scheduling Options:

Some packages allow you to fully setup participants into the system.

They can interface to common email / Calendar programs and add the meetings automatically.

Some Options allow the system to automatically send out the meeting details for attendant confirmation.

Even better ones re-confirm the meetings 2 and even up to 3 times with the last one the morning of the meeting.

Added Flexibility

Premium conference calls characteristically do not need a reservation to set it up.

Participants can simply call a toll-free number, enter a PIN (issued in advance by the service provider), and become part of the call.

The participants receive a customized greeting, then introduce themselves to the other participants through a roll call feature.

There are ways to allow some participants to listen but not speak.

Ways to allow one or more participants to drop out of the conference call when their part in it is over.

Announce Feature so everyone knows who is Talking

A name announce feature makes it even easier by alerting you when it is your turn to speak.

The entire conference is recorded and loaded onto a disc for your records.

Or even transcribed and sent to you as a written copy.

You can opt for special polling features.

Allowing participants or listeners can give their opinions, and a report detailing the results of your poll is generated.

Even Sub-Conference Rooms for Side Chats

Sub-conferencing takes some participants into their own smaller conference call to discuss a subtopic.

After which they can either terminate their call or rejoin the main conference call.

It is also possible to broadcast your conference call in order for an audience to listen to it.

A Q&A feature can allow listeners to call in and ask questions.

Many people work in a traditional office and only go to meetings down the hallway.

A new breed of satellite office workers are now only using Video Conferencing methods for all there meetings.

Read our Main Article on Video Conferencing to understand your options and limitations.

Video Conference Calls

In general, premium features can enhance the conference call experience greatly.

They allow a surprising amount of interaction between the participants.

These features may cost more, they are still much more cost effective than travel costs.