Privacy Apps for Smartphones

Privacy Apps
Privacy Apps

Privacy Apps prevent collection and distribution of data is a hot commodity these days,

and most people understand that we have very little privacy in this age of surveillance. 

There are apps that allow you to reduce the amount of data mining

that goes on behind the scenes on your smartphone.

For the most part, we cannot avoid being seen on CCTV footage wherever we go,

and we know that our phones can be tracked.

Even people who have absolutely nothing to hide are feeling as though the whole world is collecting their data

Why use a Privacy Apps?

Even if you lead a perfectly ordinary life and have no reason to be ashamed of anything you do,

your data is valuable to an unbelievable number of companies.

You may not realize it, but a lot of apps for phones allow the app to access parts of your phone that you would not think necessary for the app to work.

When you install the app on your phone and click “Accept” on the privacy and conditions, you may be giving permission for far more than you realize.

For example, some apps can access your contacts list.  Others can access your phone’s microphone or camera. 

A huge number of apps use trackers to track your data.

How to Prevent Tracking of Your Data:

You can install a privacy app on your phone. 

A privacy app prevents other apps from unnecessarily tracking your data,

while still allowing your apps to work properly.

You can also go to Settings and select Privacy, then make sure that you turn off the location services on all the apps that you don’t want to have tracking you.

You can also deny access to your microphone and camera using Settings.

One of the most effective ways to avoid data collection from your device is to be very careful what apps you download and make sure that the ones you do use are configured to protect your privacy.