Private Cloud for Data Storage and Security


Store all your data on a Private Cloud for security and data backup.

When you store data in the Internet Cloud the biggest issue is ownership of that data.

You loose control.

you loose total ownership.

This is a huge problem for businesses and more and more for families as well.

This concern is leading to the popularity of Private Clouds.

Why a Private Cloud Server

Large companies have a huge amount of data and that information is critical to day to day operations.

Everyone accesses and uses this information.

In truth if a company, any company is hit with Ransomware and cannot access their data they are sunk.

Business cannot flow without that information.

The Private server gives large companies a much higher level of data protection.

My Cloud Expert series of private cloud storage systems

Businesses have long embraced these type of Private Cloud Systems that allow centralized Storage.

The systems such as the My Cloud Expert EX4100 give complete control and ability to limit access.

The newer system like these also have automated data backup programs.

The drawback is you need to have extra hard drives from the manufacturer.

This is an acceptable cost to have total control.

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