Quantum Computer Data’s Demise

Quantum Data

What Is a Quantum Computer ?

What is Quantum Data’s Demise and Why do I care ?

We care because it is the next Generation Computers.

Defining Quantum Data ?

Quantum Data. Sounds Space Age.

On the surface you may think like many people that its simply quantumly fast.

In truth it the first attempt to use more than 2 states for a single ‘bit’ or the most basic form of data.

This is important because the power of the computer increases literally exponentially once you can use more than binary.

For example a computer like that could potentially run something as complex as say … a living body.

Yes that’s right, just like a big ‘ol glob of grey matter.

Upside for Quantum Data & Computing

Quantum Data is what we need to facilitate true Quantum Computers.

No pun intended, but Quantum Computers would be a quantum leap forward.

Today’s top of the line commercial computers in comparison would be like like the hibiscus.

Quantum Data

If Not Quantum, What ?

The current quantum computing is severely limited by having to read, write, and transmit Binary data.

This is despite the fact that the cpu or brain can and does use multistate BITS, effectively making this first step to be akin to simply running a much fast CPU clock.

Don’t let this make you think that the research to get us to Quantum computers was all for not, in truth it is but a first step to create Computers 2.0

Everything so far has simply been faster versions of the original computer design.

This has been able to increase in power and speed every simple year for decades.

The increase in actual computer power will be so much greater with fully integrated quantum technology.

The very next day binary computers will be obsolete and almost valueless.

How can a Quantum computer work

Quantum computers today are based on a couple of Physics properties.

This first is Entanglement.

This is a mind bending process that essentially accounts for effects from one point to another without any measurable connection.

It is predictable and is used to make multiple fast computing cycles in a staggeringly short time.

Entanglement is most likely the technology that will put a fire under true AI technology.

It is likely the reason our brains work as well as they do.

Demise of Quantum Data ?

What do we mean by the Demise of Quantum Data ?

Today every researcher and company who is trying to achieve technical breakthroughs has mountains to climb.

There are many large issues that have to be resolved to make a Quantum Computer a reality.

Making Quantum computers a reality for the general public will be worth billions.

Because of this researchers have millions of dollars to throw at every issue.

Can we get past this ?

How much this will alter the internet is as hard to guess as it was to guess how the internet changed our lives once it first went online.

Despite that difficulty How can we Get Past This ?

Will must move past binary CPU’s and computing systems.

This will require the same change to our data storage methods.

When will this happen?

We can say without a doubt it will happen once the need is felt by industry and companies.

Why ?

Because they are the groups who can and do drive this research and production.

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