Ransomware and your Data

Ransomware Protection

A successful Ransomware intrusion is all Tech companies worst nightmare.

Ransomware is exactly what it sounds like.

Software that once successful holds your data and computers ransom until you pay.

For Individuals it is just as big a problem as for companies.

The main different is the average person is not able or willing to pay $50,000 or more to get their personal laptop back.

For this reason the main target for these intrusions are businesses.

How can you prepare ahead of time to avoid this?

There are a number of things every company can do.

  1. Review and identify your company’s critical data.

  1. Put in place a very good data backup plan.

  1. Train all employees on how to avoid clicking Malware.

How it works

Ransomware cannot just magically enter and take control of your computers.

It starts by getting someone to click a link or open a file that has a worm.

This worm either contains the ransomware or opens a back door to insert the ransomware.

Once in your system the malware takes control of your system and changes all the passwords.

This effectively locks you out.

The perp then contacts you to demand money or else they won’t release the computers back to your control.

Companies pay from tens of thousands to millions of dollars to get the systems released.

The Ideal target for these criminals is Medium sized companies.

Medium sized Companies have enough Cash flow to pay high amounts.

They also generally do not have as sophisticated a data backup plan.

Sadly if you are a medium size company you need to be prepared.

Ask yourself if you can recover from the lose of your entire active computer system.

How much would it cost to get back to normal.

What would you do to prepare if you had the time ?

Do this now.

Why it works

Ransomware works because so many companies are not prepared.

They don’t train employee’s enough to know how to avoid the traps that get you mired in it.

Basic Training to Avoid Ransomware

These are the Basic essentials that your front line employees must know

Step 1

Train employees to know what Ransomware is and how it works.

This basic understanding is critical.

Knowing what it is and how it works allows employees to know what to look for with an understanding of why.

Studies have proven that employees who understand why they are doing something is many times more effective.

This also allows employees to flag suspicious new methods because the hackers will continuously be trying new methods.

Step 2

Setup a backup method and train employees on how to use it.

Set Monthly Tasks for Data Backup and assign them to be completed and reviewed.

Review your plans annually based upon the past year’s happenings.

Step 3

Cycle the storage devices you have chosen to use annually.

Remember that data storage devices only last so long.

Don’t throw out those older data storage devices.

Instead use them for long term storage markers.

You want to look back in 5 years and see 5 complete sets of data for those 5 years.

Step 4

Have an expert in-house or find someone you can bring in when you have issues.

Do this before you have issues.

They will review your systems and tell you if you have issues to fix today to better protect yourself.

Read our Main Article on Data Backup & Recovery to understand your options and limitations.