Recover Data after Factory Reset

Data REcovery after Factor Reset

When you get a new device the most common worry is transfering all the your data you need before performing a Factory Reset.

Your hair will stand on end when you realize some critically important information is lost.

But wait, you have not lost it all just yet.

What a Factory Reset actually does

So first and most noticeable is your APPS

What reset does to APPS

Once you do a factory reset of your phone or tablet the most noticeable change is that all the APPS you loaded are gone.

How does this happen ?

Android has a list of the Factory Installed APPS.

When you do a factory reset it removes all other APPS completely.

This can be a real problem if you have forgotten what specific APPS you have been using.

What the Reset does to your Data

Factory reset is not actually what the name implies, that your Data is gone as tho it never existed.

The factory reset applies to the phones systems and setting more than to your Data itself.

Factory reset in truth is simply wiping out the phones knowledge of where your data is still stored on the phones memory.

What does this actually mean ?

It means that computers use pointers to know where all the data is stored.

Factory reset removes the pointers.

Its like loosing the MAP to where your information is at.

Its not gone, it just cannot be accessed right now.

The Hard Way to Recover from Factory Reset

The hard way to recover that lost data is when you have no backup.

Then you need a Professional to help or try using an APP.

Try an APP like Gihosoft Android Data Recovery.

There is no guarantee of success but it recovers everything including pictures when it works.

The problem is if it fails you may have lost everything even from professional help.

The Easy Recovery.

The easy recovery happens because you installed a local backup APP or you used a google account to backup everything to their cloud.

Either one works well.

You can restore all the data easily and quickly.

If you had to try an APP to recover the data we strongly recommend you use your google account next round.

Your smartphone will have Data Encryption that makes it hard for anyone to take your personnal information.

Your Google Account

You have to create a Google account in order to setup and use your new Android Phone.

This Google account is actually used as a cloud storage for all your devices information.

It is also how your new phone is easily setup to be a new copy of your old device.

This being true you can see that when your device is factory reset it doesn’t mean that your data is gone from Google.

Can you get the data back from your Google account ?

Yes its possible, however if the data is that important it is best to get professional help.

Google goes to great lengths to protect your information.

If you go poking around and your actions look like a hacker trying to break in it suddenly will get much harder.

Read our Main Article on Recovering Lost Files to understand your options and limitations.