Recovering Android Data

recovering data

Recovering Android smartphone Data has special challenges.

Much of your chances for success depends on what the missing data is and how you chose to store that data.

To make future data recovery processes run far smoother it is in your best interests to setup data storage right away.

Data Storage on your Android Device

Your Android Phone comes with Internal, Factory installed memory.

Factory Memory is the first used up by APPS or programs you install .

Your other data storage area is with memory cards.

You always should buy memory cards for your phone and use this storage.

It is super flexible because you can remove the data physically and plug in a new empty memory card.

It is also substantially larger than internal memory.

External memory has the added benefit of being able to remove and You can store old copies of data this way.

Even photos that take up a massive amount of space are ideal to stored and removed.

Photo’s can be taken to your local store and printed right off the memory card which it is No need to be put back into the phone, assuming they are not encrypted.

Android Data Encryption

Older Android Phones used a Whole Disk encryption method.

Whole Disk Encryption no longer used because better methods exist today.

There are too many issues and no need to encrypt everything when its only the user data that has to be protected ?

File Based Encryption

You have full control with File based Encryption over exactly what is encrypted.

This leaves all the OS or operating system and files unencrypted and therefore faster to run.

Your phone runs faster and better and you still have solid security.

File based encryption was a great improvement.

The next level of encryption is Meta based encryption

Metabased Encryption

Metabased encryption is best because all encryption keys and permission settings are also protected

There is no point highly protecting your phone data if someone can come in the back door and give themselves permission to change everything..

That simply gives them the ability to turn off the encryption and boom, your phone is their phone.

With that back door closed your phone is safe.

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