Recovering Data when your Hardware is Damaged

Recovering Your Data

Recovering your data from damaged hardware is by far the hardest recovery process. Damaged hardware ranges from minor to catastrophic.


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The extent of damage is critical to the success rate and yet is unknown

We tend to take for granted that our computers and handheld devices will protect and preserve our data indefinitely.

Sadly this is not the case.

Damaged Cell Phone Data Recovery

Damaged cell phones are the top issue these days.

It is once you have broken your phone that you suddenly think “Oh my god, where is my data”.

Damaged hardware, malware, hackers and even human error all lead to data loss.

Your drop, drown, crush, melt, and run over your devices on a distressingly regular basis.

Often, we assume that the damage is too great and no data can possibly be recovered from the device.

Shattered Phones look past the point of no return but that is not always true.

When your device has been physically damaged, you must decide how much the data on it was worth to you.

Will Data Recovery Companies Have your Data ?

This is a critically important question.

You have taken steps to keep your data safe.

Steps to keep your Private Information Private.

Now its lost and you need someone’s help to recover it.

But, how can you trust them.

What is they keep and use your data ?

You need to resolve this BEFORE having someone recover you data.

Look into who they are.

What are their Privacy Statements and rules ?

What do people say about them ?

Find this out, then choose who is safe to use.

Smartphones and Tablets

In the Past 5 years there has been a fundamental shift in Data Recovery.

In the 20th Century Most Data recovery hardware was done on Hard Drives.

This slowly shifted to include Memory cards / Sticks and other Removable Storage.

While there were differences in these Mediums they were essentially the Same.

Now in the 21st Century Hard Drives are overtaken by Devices.

Smartphones with onboard Storage.

Tables with Memory cards

These are where people have their Data Now.

These have become the most common places they want Data Recovery off of.

Professional Hardware Recovery

Professional data recovery companies must maintain “clean rooms”.

Clean rooms are controlled for dust, static electricity, and other factors that can destroy an unsealed hard drive.

For that reason, the services these companies provide do not come cheap.

Not Cheap but still worth the cost for recovering the data.

If you feel it is worth the money, then you will need to take your device to a data recovery expert.

You hope that they can retrieve a significant portion of what was saved on your device’s hard drive.

Data Recovery

They may need to replace parts in the hard drive, or even reprogram parts of the device’s memory.

It is not usually possible for the average person to repair a physically damaged hard drive.

You do not have the training, the clean room, or the tools to do the job.

This situation boils down to one question:

How important is that data to me?


Recover DataCloud Backup and RecoveryOnline Data Backup and RecoveryData Backup and Recovery

If the answer is “Very important,” then a data recovery specialist is your best bet.

If the answer is “Not very important at all” then you might want to just cut your losses and get a new device.

Backup all Data before you loose it

In the end, the easiest way to retrieve your data is to ensure you never lose it in the first place.

Backups are essential for important files, photos, and videos.

You need to back up your device in a regular basis, and in more than one way.

While many people have started using the Cloud Storage methods for our Data storage needs.

Some data is not on the cloud and we need to figure out a great plan to backup and secure this Data.

Read our Main Article on Data Backup & Recovery to understand your options and limitations.