Recovering Lost Files and Smartphone Data

Recovering Lost Files

When recovering Lost files and data it is important to know how to proceed, especially for Smartphone and Android Phone Data Recovery.


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What a sad thing it would be if you had just finished writing the greatest novel ever written, and you accidentally deleted it.

Or you have finally finished writing the longest, most boring report your boss has ever asked for.

Then your toddler just threw your laptop thirty feet off the balcony onto concrete.

You now have a data recovery problem, my friend.

Nothing brings us face to face with our data more clearly than loosing it.

What we take for granted is suddenly the center of our day.

Can Lost Files be Recovered ?

Absolutely many lost files can be recovered.

But not everything that is lost can be recovered.

Files that are simply deleted intentionally or accidentally have the highest probability of being fully recovered.

This is because the data itself is intact.

Intact data means the entire file as a whole still exists.

You can’t see it or find it because the Pointer is missing to show where its at.

You can use Data Backup copies to restore the data.

If you have not been using data backups then its more complicated.

The next best step is to use Window’s Restore points.

A Restore point is a picture of all files that windows makes automatically from time to time.

Using this is also easy enough for you to handle yourself.

How to recover that Lost Data

The first step everyone takes is trying to recover the data yourself.

Sadly that rarely works, however it also rarely results in further loss of data.

So the first step is to try and recover the data yourself.

Steps to try:

Insert a new memory card and try to transfer your data to it.

Take a copy off the device and try to ‘recover’ it.

Try the APPS that are specific to the type of data you lost.

Do not use a photo recovery app for other data.

Contact the app help line, get them involved.

Recovery APPS

Recovery APPS are a great option when you are still unsuccessful in getting your data back.

Be aware that APPS that are free and do not cost anything to use are still making money.

So, how are they making money ?

You do not want to recover your lost data AND at the same time give the APP company the right to also ‘own’ your data.

When to Not recover that data

There are times and data that is not worth the recovery attempt.

All lost data is not recoverable.

However all data you attempt to recovery costs time, resources, and often money.

Before you let panic over the lost data drive you to blindly try to recover it, think.

Do you already have a copy of the lost data ?

What exactly was lost ?

How important is it ?

How long would it take to reacquire what is important again ?

Pictures are one of a kind, but do you need them or simply want them ?

Smart-Phone Lost Data

There are a lot of people who Primarily use their smartphones.

Because of this when they loos data it is on the phone.

Smart Phone Data Recovery is turning into big business.

Recovering the Data after Accidentally Deleting the Files

Recovering lost & Deleted files is possible using data recovery software.

It is important that you stop using the device immediately after you realize that you’ve lost the files.

The information pathways that lead to your files is what has actually been deleted.

The files still exist intact on your device.

Using the device can sometimes write over the information pathways that once led to your files, making them impossible to find.

You must stop using the device immediately.

Install data recovery software.

Follow the instructions carefully in order to have the best possible chance of recovering the data you have lost.

Lost Data Recovery

Damaged or Destroyed Computer

A destroyed computer does not always mean the permanent loss of the stored information.

It may be possible to plug the hard disk drive into another system and retrieve the data that is on it.

This works with computers manufactured after 2003 due to proprietary, drive-specific adaptation hardware.

Professional Data Recovery

With physical damage to the device, your best bet is a professional data recovery technician.

Opening a hard drive in an atmosphere that is not controlled is very dangerous.

Dust, static electricity, and other damaging elements can permanently destroy a hard drive in seconds.

A data recovery technician will have access to a clean room where it is safe to open a hard drive.

The Technician will have all the correct tools for doing the job right.

It may cost you money, but if you want your data back it is the most sensible thing to do.

Regardless of the cause of your data loss, there may be too much damage to retrieve any of your files.

Backup Data before its too late

Every computer expert in the world recommends that you back up your files.

Backup Files in a way that makes it difficult, if not impossible, for them to become lost.

Use the cloud, and at least one physical storage device.

Storage Devices such as external hard drive to store your data.

Doing this means you will never have to deal with the nightmare that is data recovery.

With so many people having so many devices technology has changed dramatically over the past decade.

To work seamlessly on all devices they have to be inter-connected.

This has meant that our smartphones and computers need to use the same data files.

Data consistency allows us to rely upon them to be accurate and up to date.

Online Data Storage

Online Data Storage has enabled us to do this.

Safety of your Data

As long as we ensure our data is uploaded to a secure data source it is safe.

Uploaded Data is available and stored on all our devices is a form of triple redundancy.


Android Data RecoveryRecover Data Cell PhoneAndroid Data RecoveryRecover Data Cell Phone
We need to figure out a great plan to backup and secure this Data.

Read our Main Article on Data Backup & Recovery to understand your options and limitations.