Recovering Digital Pictures and Photo Files

More and more of us have to use services for recovering Digital Pictures and files.

Pictures are personal, always unique and precious.

Losing them can be a painful experience, and one that most of us would rather avoid if at all possible.

Recover Pictures on Android Phone

The fastest and easiest way for Recovering Digital Pictures is when they were on your android Phone.

It is a simple process of going into your Photo APP, then clicking the Trash Icon.

Choose what you want to restore and it will be restored.

The most common issue for lost pictures is when a new partner going onto your phone and deletes pictures of his / her rivals.

These are easy to restore if the person just deleted them.

However if they know what they are doing the pictures may be lost forever.

Try using a secret Vault on your phone to safely store pictures that are important to you.

Digital Frames to Display and Backup

One unique and innovative solution to Picture Storage and Backup is surging in popularity.

Electronic Digital Picture Frames.

These run on Battery and or plug in power.

You download a group of Pictures to the Frame.

Hang the frame where you want it.

Turn it on and you get a cycling group of pictures to enjoy.

The bonus is that this frame also has copies of your pictures stored in a local source.

Backups like this as super practical.

Not only have you gone thru your pics to keep the good ones.

But you also have more active backups of all important pictures.

Prepare now for a future Data Loss

Pictures are large files and can be challenging to recover.

On top of that unless you named each picture carefully you will not know if you actually need them to be recovered.

Do not pay hundreds of dollars to recover pictures you simply delete afterwards.

How do you be prepared ?

You need to get and stay organized.

Go thru your pictures, delete the ones you don’t want.

Organize them so that you most important ones get stored in specific locations.

If you loose the data you now know what you need to spend money recovering.

Backup Copies of Pictures

It is always a good idea to store your digital photos in more than one spot.

When you have them on a memory card from a camera it needs to be backed up.

Backup copies must include the hard drive of your computer, a flash drive or external hard drive, and the cloud.

It costs next to nothing to use more than one backup system.

It ensures that your photos will be retrievable no matter what happens to the original storage device.

Understanding Corrupted Pictures

If you understand how and why you can end up with a corrupted Image file then you are better able to actually avoid the situation all together.

Corrupted Pictures typically are either User Created or Hardware related, both of which can be avoided with Best Practices.

Corrupted Pictures

Understand that our fancy little memory cards that we all use in our Smartphones actually have a very finite lifespan.

We strongly recommend that you write the date you start using a memory card on it physically.

Next replace them all after 2 years of use.

A hardware failure due to the limitations of the memory card itself is simple to avoid.

As the User you can accidentally cause corrupted files if you are not careful in how you use your smartphone device.

There are several things you need to be aware of and avoid doing at all costs.

First do not take pictures when your battery is very low.

Low power leads to issues for the phone to properly write the data to the memory card.

You can end up with a corrupted image.

The process is unpredictable and you could end up with a lot of other pictures also being corrupted.

This means the files cannot be opened.

Never remove the memory card with images open, being opened, or being saved.

Should you end up with pictures that are corrupted and you cannot open you must stop immediately.

Go online first and use the free online tools to try and recover the files before deleting them.

Once you have safely recovered all that you can you need to replace the memory card.

It is simply not worth the danger of re-using a bad memory card.

Recovering Deleted Photgragh Files

Retrieving photos that have accidentally been deleted is not always possible.

Your best chances will be done using recovery software.

The important thing to remember in this scenario is that the photo itself has not been deleted – only the pathway to it.

If you can retrace that pathway, it will help in Recovering Digital Pictures.

In order to be able to retrace that pathway you must immediately stop using the storage device.

You do not want to do anything that will “write over” the information pathway that you are going to try to retrieve.

You must exit from the device you must take a few careful steps.

Install data recovery software and then follow the prescribed steps to retrace the information pathways to the photos you need.

Most data recovery software will even enable you to select which photos you wish to retrieve.

You will also be able to pick the ones you would prefer to delete permanently.

Data Recovery

Get Professional Help Recovering Pictures

Physical damage to the storage device that holds your photos is a different story, however.

This typically requires the services of a professional data recovery technician.

They have the “clean rooms” that enable them to open up a hard drive without causing catastrophic damage to it.

It is important that you remember to stop using the device as soon as it is damaged.

The maximum amount of data can be retrieved the earlier you work on it.

Data recovery technician services are not cheap.

You need to weigh the value of the data you are trying to retrieve against the cost of retrieving it.

Recovering lost digital photos is a difficult time-consuming process.

I recommend that you prevent yourself from ever having to do it by backing up your photos in several different ways.

You could even go the old-fashioned route and print them out and put them in albums!

Many people have started using the Cloud Storage methods for our Data storage needs.

There is always going to be some data that is not on the cloud and we need to figure out a great plan to backup and secure this Data.

Read our Main Article on Data Backup & Recovery to understand your options and limitations.