Remote Phone Services in Rural Locations

Remote Phone Services get harder and harder to find as you get further from large Centers.

Cellphones are a wonderful invention, and landlines are the reliable old plugin Phones.
What do you do if you live in an area where neither of those things works reliably?
There are many areas of North America that are still not serviced by landlines or cell service.
There are too few people in the area to warrant the expense of installing phone lines or cell towers.
The people who live in those areas must be innovative and adaptable.
It is harder to come up with communication that is reliable, reasonably inexpensive, and that functions well.

Cellular Tower Growth

The greatest impact on Rural phone services has been cellular phones.

Today it is the rare person who does not have a cell phone.

In truth it is also the rare household how relies entirely on a Home Phone.

As Cell phones have exploded in numbers the companies have added more and more cell towers.

These extra cell towers popping up have made it exponentially easier to have your cell phone work almost everywhere.

Cell Tower Growth

So why are there so many more cell towers ?

Be Realistic

The easiest customers to please in Rural locations are those who were born there and never left.

They have always had challenging circumstances to their services.

Customers who move from cities have been exposed to far greater services.

Much higher level of services.

This is because the cell companies can add a single cell tower and service hundreds of thousands of customers.

When some of them move to far rural locations they have not experienced black out area’s.

Spots where cell service stops or is spotty.

Cell Phone Coverage Service MAPS

The first step in establishing a communication system is making sure you don’t already have one.

Always check the cell phone coverage map directory for your area.

It is possible that there is a tower in your area and you could just switch providers for cell phone service.

There are also antenna and booster systems that can take a very weak signal and enhance it to a usable strength.

Check out Wilson Electronics for some innovative solutions to weak signals.

Keep in mind that these systems can only strengthen a signal that is already there.

They are ineffective if there is no signal at all.

Rural Phone Plus Internet Options

Your best option when it comes to getting Rural phone service is to tie it into a Package with Internet.

Almost every Internet provider can and does also provide Phone service.

They do Not all provide Cellular Phone service tho.

On top of this some providers can also add in TV Packages.

The more packages you have the better your total cost for the services.

Generally speaking, but not always.

Remote Phone Services, Who can you find ?

First you need to find all the potential providers in your location.

The top ones which you will hope to have are:

Viasat, Verizon, CenturyLink, and Rise Broadband.

If you have a few smaller players that are just local it is advisable to check them too.

Typically smaller players will have custom packages that could work out better for you.

You need to figure out what your minimum requirements are to make a good choice.

Satellite Remote Phone Services

One of the solutions offered by is satellite internet.

This is a system that requires a fast computer and a modem.

You also need a satellite dish, the appropriate software, an ISP, and an unobstructed area.

The Unobstructed Area allows the satellite dish to be set up with a clear view of the sky.

Trees, buildings, and even some types of topography can adversely affect your satellite signal.

If there is a lot of interferance it makes clear reception impossible.

Once you have this system set up and running, though, you can choose a VoIP provider.

You will have a reliable connection to the outside world – as long as the power doesn’t go out.

A satellite internet system is quite costly.

It is wisest to explore all other options before going this route.

While many people many people living in the city’s need nothing more than their Cell Phone;

There is definitely a need for alternative methods in rural area’s since cell service is not as reliable.

In these cases you need to find Remote Phone Services or alternatives.

Read our Main Article on VOIP Phone Services to understand your options and limitations.