Repairing Tech: Buying Replacement Parts

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It should be a simple process to buying replacement parts for a broken phone, tablet, or PC and repair the device yourself.

It is most definitely not a simple process at this point in time,

although it is becoming a bit easier now and should be a lot easier in the near future.

Right now, you can order replacement parts for some devices online,

but not usually straight from the manufacturer.

While some stores and websites offer replacement parts for a wide range of devices,

it can be hard to tell which parts are knock-offs and which are genuinely designed and built for your particular device.

Buying Replacement Parts Ordering Parts Online:

The process of finding the replacement part that has the exact specifications you need can be difficult and frustrating. 

You will need to pay close attention to part numbers and specifications,

and make sure you understand the risks you may be taking.

Sometime in 2022 there should be a much wider selection of genuine parts available to the general public,

as the big tech companies introduce their DIY repair programs,

so that most people should be able to buy the parts they need directly from the manufacturers.

This will hoefully make DIY tech repairs much easier and more effective and reduce the amount of waste going into landfills.

Current Progress:

At the moment, the planned Apple, Google,

and Samsung repair programs don’t seem to be fully up and running. 

Most of the parts you can find online for repairing devices are from stores like Best Buy or iFixit,

so it may be possible to get what you need from them, but you cannot yet order directly from the manufacturer and get,

say, a new screen for your iPhone.

There is still a lot of work to do before the average person can simply order a replacement part for their device

and watch a tutorial which shows them how to replace the part themselves.