Repairing Tech: Tools for Tech Repair

Tools for Tech Repair
Tools for Tech Repair

A lot of people have been prepare Tools for Tech Repair , and pushing the big tech manufacturers to give consumers the right to repair their devices themselves,

rather than having to take a broken device to a dedicated repair shop (or mail it in)

and wait for unknown amounts of time to get it back.

This process is slowly beginning to become a reality,

and with that reality comes the need for people to own the correct tools for repairing their devices.

There are a lot of different brands of devices on the market,

and that could mean that a different tool is needed for each repair of each component of each device.

Tools for Tech Repair : General Tools

There are a few basic tools that everyone who is planning to repair a computer, tablet, or phone will need,

beginning with a decent quality set of precision screwdrivers.

These range in price from a few dollars to well over a hundred dollars,

so you can probably just choose the set that best fits your budget.

The most important thing to remember is that

you do not want to buy a set of magnetic screwdrivers to work on any type of computer.

You should also buy an ATX power supply tester, so that you can see where power is going and where it isn’t.

A multi-tester is a great tool to have, as you will need it for almost every tech repair you do.

Specialized Tools:

In many cases, if you will need a specialized tool to repair

or replace a component the tool is sold or shipped with the part. 

If that is not the case, then you should wait until you know exactly what tool you will need before you buy.

A lot of repairs require tools that are specific to that particular model of that particular device,

so having a general tool that will do the job decently is not a realistic goal.