Replacing Cell Phone Screens

Replacing Cell Phone Screens
Replacing Cell Phone Screens

Trying to replacing Cell phone screens can be a nightmare.

  It is not unusual or even difficult to break one, but it certainly can be hard to get it replaced.

A broken phone screen is a huge inconvenience. 

While most phone screens are harder to break now than they used to be,

it is still easy to break one, especially given the fact that some of the Android phones out there are the size of a book.   

We all want phones with big screens, but we also want phones that are light and easy to carry. 

If manufacturers made screens that were thick enough to be relatively unbreakable,

your smart phone would weigh two or three times as much as it does. 

Replacing Cell Phone Screens : Reducing Waste

In a world where we are fast running out of resources,

it seems like a terrible waste to discard a whole phone when only one component of the phone is broken or not working. 

We should be trying to extend the life of the phone as best we can

so that the metals and minerals used in manufacturing the phone don’t go to into a landfill any sooner

than is absolutely necessary.

For this reason, replacing a phone screen should be an easy and inexpensive thing to do. 

How it Works:

Replacing a faulty or broken screen could be a relatively simple operation

if phone manufacturers chose to make it so. 

If you break a screen, replacing it could probably extend the life of a phone by quite a lot.

A technician has the proper tools and equipment to replace a phone screen,

but for most of us, the procedure is beyond our capabilities. 

Your best bet is to use a good shock-resistant case and prevent your screen from breaking at all.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just purchase a new screen and pop it on to replace one that is no longer working,

instead of worrying about voiding the warranty or breaking the phone’s other components or some such? 

It could be possible if the design of the phone was altered to allow it.