Replacing Cellphone Batteries

Replacing Cellphone Batteries
Replacing Cellphone Batteries

It would be very handy if Replacing Cellphone Batteries when necessary,

instead of people being forced to buy a new phone. 

It seems so wasteful to throw away a perfectly good phone just because the battery will no longer hold a charge. 

Years ago, all cell phones had replaceable batteries. 

That has changed, and now many phones have batteries that can’t be changed by the average owner.

Most Android phones have integrated batteries. 

This is because the newer phones are slimmer and flatter, leaving less room for a battery door.

  To accommodate this design change, manufacturers have eliminated the battery door altogether in many cases. 

This also allows them to make phones waterproof,

which is a definite advantage for those of us who tend to drop them in water.

Battery Life: Replacing Cellphone Batteries

The average cellphone battery will last for at least 500 charge cycles before they start to become less efficient

.  Eventually, the battery will not last a full day with ordinary use, and it will need to be charged after only a few hours. 

When a phone battery gets down to a certain level,

the phone may start shutting off and turning back on briefly when the charge looks like it should be at 50% or so. 

It may also become impossible to get a complete charge on your phone,

so that even when it is fresh off the charger the charge will drop before the phone is even used. 

Changing the Battery:

This may be a good idea in terms of economy of size,

but it makes it impossible for the average person to change the battery. 

The job requires special tools and a good knowledge of the procedure, so is not possible for most of us. 

In order to change a phone battery, a technician has to take the phone case apart,

and then remove any parts that are in the way, such as the screen. 

The pieces are usually all glued in place, so the glue has to be broken. 

The battery can then be changed, and the whole process reversed after everything has been glued back in place.