Conference Call Services gone Big City


For those companies and businesses that use conference calling, opting for a professional conference call service to manage all conference calls can save a lot of time, trouble, and miscommunications.  It won’t save them money, necessarily, but mistakes are expensive, so they might be better off to pay a professional and save the aggravation.

Most telephone companies have a dedicated conference call section, staffed with people well trained in managing conference calls of every size and description.  You will need to assess your company’s unique needs and requirements so that you know exactly what you need to ask for, and then you will need to be absolutely sure that the company you choose to do business with has the capabilities to handle not only your teleconferencing needs today, but the needs you will have in the future.  Once you have selected the company that works best for you, you will probably have a representative assigned to you, to work with your company and ensure the best possible outcomes.

The first work that your rep will help with is establishing the physical system that you will need to service your teleconferencing needs.  The rep will ensure that your hardware and software are compatible with their system, and with the other systems that you will be connecting with in your conferences.  Many companies offer conference phones, with special sound filters to eliminate background noise and echo.  While this process is ongoing, you will also need to evaluate what services you would like the teleconferencing company to provide for you.

Setting Up Calls for You

They Setup the Details for You

Teleconferencing companies can set up your conferences calls for you: you just tell your rep when you need the conference set up, who will be included in the conference, and what extra services you need, and it will be done.  You can ask for individual passwords so that no unauthorized people can listen in on the conversation, and you can ask for customized hold music.  You can request that the conference be recorded onto a physical disc, or put on an MP3 and emailed to you, or your conference call can be recorded and stored in your online account so that you can access it at any time.  This gives you the ability to send the recorded conference call to all of the participants so that they can refer to it whenever they have a question about what was said, or you can send it to people who were not available for the conference call, but do need to be aware of what went on and what decisions were made by the participants.  You can have a web interface so that the whole teleconference can go to a site at the same time and see the same information together.  You can have an operator assist participants throughout the conference call, or just have an operator initiate all the calls and make sure everything is working perfectly before signing off and letting you get on with your conference.  You can book tutorials for yourself and your employees so that you can all learn the best way to get the most out of your conference calls.

Participating in a conference call may sound like an easy proposition, but in reality it can be more difficult than you would think.  There is a certain set of protocols and etiquette that must be followed if the call is to proceed well and give each participant a great experience, so it pays to make sure that your teleconferencing calls are not ruined by participants who don’t know what they’re doing.  You can also manage your conference calls through an online web manager program.  This allows you to see who is speaking at all times, and you will be able to see when people log on to the system and join the call with most of these programs, you can dictate who has the right (and the ability) to speak on the call, and who must just listen. Teleconferencing companies can set up Q&A sessions after the main teleconference, or conduct opinion polls amongst the participants.  They can help you to set up a personalized greeting that each participant will hear as they sign in for the conference, and they can help set up your internet capabilities to enhance your teleconferencing experience.  They can make it so that you can show a hundred different people a document on screen and have them all, literally, on the same page.

Even Court Witnesses can be routed in

The typical teleconferencing company can ensure that a witness can testify “in court” by videoconference, or that a lawyer and two clients all in different cities can conduct a private interview, comfortable in the knowledge that their privacy is assured.  They can allow a student to watch a chemistry experiment in real time, live, and ask questions and make observations over a secure, clear phone line.  There are many ways in which teleconferencing makes lives better, if you know how to use it.

While many people work in a traditional office and only go to meetings down the hallway, a new breed of satellite office workers are now only using Video Conferencing methods for all there meetings. Read our Main Article on Video Conferencing to understand your options and limitations.