Smart Home Security

Smart Home Security
Smart Home Security

Home security , smart home security systems are no different , has been a serious consideration for most of the world for centuries.

Thousands of different systems and gadgets and practical solutions have evolved over the years.

Every home security system throughout history has had its drawbacks, its limitations, and its annoyances.

Many people think that connecting your home to the internet is just willfully opening yourself up to

privacy problems.

Once you connect everything to the internet, you run the risk of being hacked in some way.

Some experts say that having your home security system hacked is inevitable.

Be careful buy components that have not had sufficiently rigorous protection built in.

Smart Home Security Components:

Your smart home security system has several vital components.

Starting with the central hub that it all connects to the internet through.

This hub can be your smart phone or a tablet, or even your router. 

As long as it connects to the internet, it should work.

Radiating out from this hub are things like Wireless sensors installed on windows and doors,

Doorbells with cameras, security lights and cameras, and even motion sensors inside the house.

Each of these components connects to the hub and can be controlled from that hub, which is why a smart phone is a great choice for your hub, since you have it with you all the time.

Dos and Don’ts for Smart Home :

The very first thing you should do when you have connected a new piece of home security equipment is to change the default password. 

Some manufacturers have been hacked and device passwords stolen, which allows hackers to access devices that still have the default password.

Make sure you keep your software up to date, and download all updates and patches so that you don’t find yourself unprotected online.