Smart TVs

Smart TVs
Smart TVs

A Smart TVs that can access the internet, act as a computer monitor, access streaming services, and connect to a smart hub to become an integrated part of a smart home system is a reality now.

Years ago, a TV could only show content that came to it through an antenna or a cable connection.

Today’s smart TVs are capable of so much more than that that it almost seems like they are not the same machines at all.

A good quality smart TV can be used like a big tablet in that you can access the internet, play games, download apps, and connect to other devices in your home.

Some smart TVs even respond to voice commands, so losing the remote is no longer a problem.

Why You Should Buy a Smart TVs:

Buying a smart TV is a no-brainer for people who already have smart devices in their homes. 

You can use your smart TV to communicate with other devices, and to do something besides showing you TV programs.

A smart TV can be used for streaming services, so you can stream music or audiobooks.

Video calls with a smart TV are great, but they are something that many people don’t think to use a smart TV for.

You just have to make sure you have a USB Webcam, and your smart TV is ready for video calling.

A smart TV can be used to promote healthy habits.

It is easy to download fitness meditation, diet, or recipe apps to make it easy to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Why You Should Not Buy a Smart TV:

Privacy concerns prevent a lot of people from buying smart TVs.

If your TV has voice recognition abilities, then it is constantly listening in case you tell it to do something. 

There have been cases where a smart TV has sent information to people because it incorrectly interpreted something it heard.

Most people are at least a little bit nervous about being watched and/or listened to all the time.