Speaker Choices

Speak Choices
Speak Choices

Speakers were invented in the 1800s and have been in constant use ever since. 

There have been a lot of changes and improvements since then, but the basic technological idea hasn’t really changed.

Speaker Choices sizes run from gigantic to miniscule, and the quality ranges from tinny and echoing to rich and full bodied.

There are wired speakers, and wireless ones, so you can get the ones that work best in whatever area you need to put them.

Acoustics and Room Size:

When you are shopping for speakers,

the first thing you should consider is the size of the area you want them to work in.

The larger the area you need sound in, the bigger the speakers you might want to use,

although the newest technology allows speakers to put out incredible sound from a very small package.

The next consideration is the acoustics of the room

a sparsely furnished room with wood floors and bare walls will have a very different acoustic signature

than one with carpet, soft furniture, curtains, and pictures on the walls.

When you take into consideration both the size of the room and its acoustic properties,

you can more easily pick speakers that do the job without being too much.

Speaker Choices : Sound Quality

When you have decided on the range of speakers that will work with your space, the next step is to choose sound quality that you like.

The best way to pick speakers that are just right for you is to listen to some of your favourite music on them,

so take a CD to the store with you and try out different speakers until you find the ones that sound best to you.

There is no way to pick one single “best quality” speaker, only the best one for your particular ear. 

Everyone has different taste, different sound preferences, and different hearing abilities,

so the speaker that sounds best to you may not be the one that sounds best for someone else.