Streaming Movies: From Downloading to Streaming

Streaming Movies,
Streaming Movies,

Through the years, watching movies has changed a lot, Streaming Movies become most popular.

First there were only theatres to watch movies in.

The average person in those times did not even dream of watching movies at home. 

Then the world was introduced to the Betamax tapes and home video players.

We soon progressed through VHS tapes with big, bulky video players to VHS players with smaller, more compact players. 

Next came CDs, with even slimmer, smaller players and you could fit a lot of movies into a small space.

When we started to download movies off the internet, we could store them on the hard drives of our computers.

Movies took up a lot of storage space though, so storing them became a problem.

Along came external hard drives and USB sticks and solved some of those problems.

Owning Movies:

When you buy a movie, you can choose the version of the movie that you want. 

If you want one with extras, such as deleted scenes or a blooper reel, you can choose that. 

If you want a special version of a movie, such as the Director’s cut, or an extended version, you can buy those.

You can also have permanent access to a movie that you have bought and paid for.

Streaming Movies:

Many people are unhappy with streaming services because they limit choices to what the streaming service offers. 

Many people subscribe to multiple streaming services in order to get access to a wide range of content.

It can be very disappointing when a favorite movie or series disappears off the streaming service and you can’t find it anywhere else. 

With streaming services, you are only offered one version of a movie, so you don’t have the option of watching the director’s cut or a blooper reel. 

The worst thing about streaming services is that they use a lot of data.  Those who have limited data plans can find that they’ve used up all their data long before the end of the month.