Streaming Music: From Buying to Streaming

stream music
stream music

IPods and other music-only devices are time of past , Streaming Music become main way to enjoy music

Then, we used to purchase individual songs or whole albums and store them on dedicated music players. 

A few years ago, music changed from being owned by consumers to being accessed by consumers. 

There is a big difference between ownership and access.

A lot of people are not happy with the change.

There were some good things about that system, and some bad things. 

Points Regarding Buying Music

One good thing about buying music and storing it on a dedicated device is that you only had to pay for it once.

How many of us enjoyed having a good collection of music.

How many are sorting and listening to that music whenever we wanted?

Many people became music collectors and created vast libraries of music that they owned.

The pleasure of collecting was often just as great as the pleasure of listening.

Another good point is that you could choose to play songs in random order or create a playlist of songs in the order you wanted to hear them. 

These songs from music you already owned, and you did not have any expectations that you would ever have to pay for them again. 

Points Regarding Streaming Music

Today, most music is access through a streaming service. 

I recently tried to resurrect my iTunes library where I had stored hundreds of songs,

and I discovered that the only songs left in my library are the songs I bought directly from the iTunes store. 

All the rest of my music was gone I was not happy about that.

Now, if I wanted to listen to those songs again, then I would need to subscribe to a streaming service.

Streaming services often have exclusive content that you can only access through their particular service. 

That model pushes consumers towards using multiple services, which costs more money, uses more data,

But often means you can’t access your favorite version of a song, as the streaming service may not offer it.