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Surround Sound
Surround Sound

Your home theatre system should be chosen to work properly within the space you have. 

A system that is too big for the space can be overwhelming, and one that is too small can be inadequate.

Before buying a system, you should measure the area and do a bit of research regarding different systems

and their recommended ideal broadcast areas.

Three Main Surround Sound Setups:

Surround sound systems come in 3 basic configurations: 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 channel. 

These designations mean the number of speakers (the first number) and the number of subwoofers (the second number) so 6.1 channel means 6 regular speakers and one subwoofer.

A system for a very large room might be 7.2, which would be seven regular speakers and 2 subwoofers.

Most homes don’t have a room large enough to need a huge system, so the most common configuration is 5.1. 

This setup is usually more than adequate for a regular-sized living room, so that is the one most families choose.

In general, the 5.1 systems will be less expensive than the larger ones, but there is still a fairly extensive price variation in the class.

3D Sound:

The concept of 3D sound was developed about ten years ago and is called Dolby Atmos. 

It gives you the feeling that you are truly inside the scene you are watching, since the sound literally surrounds you.

The secret to this kind of system is the overhead speakers, and the fact that all the speakers project the sound into the center space of the room.

If you want this kind of sound experience in your home, it is available with the right components.

You just have to buy a Dolby-Atmos receiver or amplifier, or a sound bar that is compatible with the Dolby-Atmos system.

Once you have set up your surround sound system to your satisfaction,

you can enjoy movies and television with the very best sound quality possible.