Tech Care: Computer Cleaning

Computer Cleaning
Computer Cleaning

Computers suck in a lot of dust while they operate, and it is not good for them, Computer Cleaning is important

Operating your PC creates heat, which is why computers all have fans in them, to cool the components as they work.

The fans create a negative air pressure inside the computer’s case, which sucks air in, but air is never just air.

Room air contains tiny floating pieces of dust and fibers and hair, skin cells, mold spores, bacteria,

and other microscopic particles that easily go through the vents on the sides of a PC.

Too much of this dust can coat the working parts of the computer, building up over time and holding in the heat.

When enough of this dust accumulates, it can affect the functioning of the computer,

slowing it down and damaging its components.

Basic Cleaning Principles:

Canned air is your best tool when cleaning your PC. 

You can spray canned air into all the tiny nooks and crannies to remove dust,

and once you get it off the circuit boards you can use a vacuum to clean up the mess it has made elsewhere.

A small soft brush, like a paintbrush or one designed specifically for computer cleaning

can be used to gently brush stubborn dirt off components.

It is a good idea to use a soft cloth (microfiber is best) sprayed with a small amount of a gently cleaner

to wipe hard surfaces, but never spray cleaner on electrical components.

Computer Cleaning Kits:

A quick online search will allow you to find a wide assortment of computer cleaning kits

that come with detailed instructions and all the tools you need to clean your PC.

Buying a kit will save you having to gather all the components separately,

and you can be confident that all the pieces included in the kit will be safe to use on your computer.

Before you start your cleaning task,

it would be a good idea to watch a couple of videos that show you how to clean a PC correctly.