Tech Care: Phone Cleaning Kits

Phone Cleaning
Phone Cleaning

Most of us don’t really think about Phone Cleaning very often,

but the truth is that the average cell phone has more germs on it than a toilet seat.

When you do stop to think about it, though, this makes sense. 

How many people clean their cell phones on a regular basis? 

Many phones go through their whole life cycles without ever getting a good cleaning,

and that cannot be a good thing.

In the course of a normal day, your hands will touch your phone dozens of times, and other objects hundreds of times.

It is impossible for you to know what germs or bacteria you may have transferred from other objects onto your phone,

but that is not usually something we think about while we are holding that phone against our faces.

Kits for Phone Cleaning:

There are many good phone cleaning kits on the market, and most of them are quite reasonably priced.

The advantage to buying a cleaning kit for your phone is that the products included in the kit will be well suited to the purpose,

so you don’t have to worry that the cleaning solution or other components will damage your phone.

Some kits include small flat swabs for removing lint and dirt from ports that clean without leaving fibers behind.

All the tools included in the kits are designed for cleaning phones, so they work well and fit into ports without creating static.

Home Cleaning Supplies:

If you are not purchasing a kit to clean your phone,

you can clean it at home with easily purchased cleaners.

Never use a harsh cleaner on your phone, as it can damage the surface. 

A solution of half water and half rubbing alcohol sprayed on a microfiber cloth

will remove dirt and grease as well as bacteria and other germs from the surface of your phone.

You can use a small soft brush to get lint out of ports and speaker openings.