Tech Care: Screen Cleaning

Screen Cleaning
Screen Cleaning

The screen on your phone, tablet, laptop, or PC is your window into the web, so you should take good care of your screens cleaning.

There are a lot of good reasons to clean screens regularly, and a lot of good ways to do it.

A dirty computer screen can contribute to eye strain, make viewing uncomfortable,

and generally be annoying.

Almost all computer screens have special coatings to reduce glare and enhance viewing clarity,

so using the wrong cleaner can be a real problem.

A harsh cleaner can destroy the coating and create a permanent smeared look on the screen,

which you won’t be able to fix.

Best Ways to Clean Screens:

The best way to clean a screen is to use a spray bottle with half white vinegar and half distilled water. 

Shake well, and you’re ready to clean.

First, use canned air to blow off any obvious dust on the screen.

Then take a microfiber cloth and mist a small amount of the cleaner onto the cloth. 

Never spray the cleaner directly on the computer screen,

as it can cause drip marks or get water into delicate components.

Now that your microfiber cloth is damp, gently wipe and polish the screen until it is free of dust, smears, fingerprints, and greasy marks.

The only thing you should use to clean a screen with is a microfiber cloth, since using things like tissues or paper towel can leave scratches on the screen.

Screen Cleaning Kits:

There are lots of different screen cleaning solutions that you can buy online, and most of them will work just as well as or better than your homemade solution.

Most of them will come with a spray bottle of cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth, but some offer screen cleaning wipes, soft brushes, or dry cloths that may work just as well.