TV Series: Is it Better to Buy or To Stream?

TV series
TV series

Most of us have at least one TV series that we enjoy watching over and over,

and we often find a new series that we enjoy and want to watch from start to finish. 

When you buy actual CDs of the series,

you can be sure that you own all the episodes that you would choose to own, not just a selection that is available on a streaming service. 

There are a lot of people who binge-watch any series that is offered on a streaming service because they fear that the content will be taken down before they have seen it all. 

We must keep in mind that any streaming service,

be it Netflix or BritBox or Crave buys a license to show content for a specified length of time. 

When that time is up,

the content must be removed from the streaming service and cannot be shown again unless the license is purchased again. 

TV Series :Which Costs More?

When you are in a store looking at the prices for a few seasons of your favorite show,

it may seem as though it is very expensive.

If you do the math, though,

you will often find that paying for the content one time and never paying for it again is cheaper in the long run than subscribing to a streaming service for years.

Plus, you can never guarantee that the show will be on the streaming service.

Which is More Convenient?

In my opinion, owning content is more convenient,

because you can just insert a DVD into your computer or your DVD player,

and there is your show, ready to be watched.

Some might argue that using a streaming service is more convenient, because you don’t have to store physical copies of shows.

They say that it is easier to click on what you want to watch and never have to worry about storing or dusting or

moving a collection of DVDs or CDs or even VHS tapes. 

They may be right, but when Netflix discontinues your new favorite show, what are you going to do then?