Ultra High Speed Internet Do you need ?

Many internet providers offer ultra-high speed internet access,

(which is defined as being more than 50 Mbps) and many consumers pay for it.  The question is, do they actually need

it?  And even if they do, is that what they are getting?  For most users, ultra-high is more than they need, since

high speed is more than adequate for their internet needs.  It is also more likely to be available in your area. 

If you are thinking about getting internet, you should first make sure that the infrastructure to

deliver that exists in your area and that your home can access it.  Fiber optic cables only exist in some areas, so if you

live in a small town the chance of having actual ultra-high speed internet delivered to your home are remote. 

How to test Internet speed

You can check the actual internet speed that is being delivered to your computer by connecting your computer to

your modem with an ethernet cable and then going to Speedtest.net.  That will give you the actual internet speed you

are receiving. 

Once you know the actual internet speed you are getting, you can decide whether you need to change it or if it is

enough for your needs.  You will also be better prepared if you choose to speak to a customer service representative

about changing your internet delivery package in any way.

Call Provider:

There are usually only a few internet providers in any given area and obviously you will need to choose between them. 

Make sure you understand what infrastructure is needed to deliver the internet speeds that a sales representative will

typically try to sell you, and that it is available to your home before you sign up and start paying for it. 

Make sure compare at least 2 providers .