Video Chat

Why use Video Chat at all ?

Video chat is very close to having a face to face meeting.

Face to Face interactions give everyone audio and more importantly visual cues.

These visual cues add a lot of depth top the conversation.

We pickup how the other person feels.

How they feel about what we are saying and others are saying.

We also pickup how confident they are in what they are talking about.

Effective Video Meeting

Steps to holding an Effective Video Chat Meeting.

Responding to visual clues is an important part of a business meeting.

It is helpful to see people’s faces when you are presenting an opinion or an idea.

You can see if they agree with you or whether you might be better off to change directions or stop altogether. 

Visual Signals

You can use pre-arranged visual signal can be used to let all participants know that a member is waiting for a chance to speak.

You can ask for a show of hands to help the group make a decision. 

It is also easy to tell if everyone is paying attention to the conference call.

With no video, participants could be doing almost anything and the others involved in the call would never know. 

Unfortunately, this can create a lack of focus on the meeting, and therefore make it less effective. 

Adding video ensures that participants are fully present and engaged in the process. 

Including video in your conference calls can help participants understand the conversation better. 

Visual Aids

Hand-drawn diagrams can be held up to the camera to illustrate a point & add visual clues to a verbal explanation. 

You can show Samples of products, their uses demonstrated, and even be disassembled to show construction methods and materials. 

The saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is certainly true.

It is not possible to describe an item to ten others using only a verbal explanation.

Ask all ten people who heard the description to draw the item, chances are no two drawings will be alike. 

It’s an entirely different story if they have all seen the item. 

Video allows conference callers to all have the same experience.

Video Conferences allows all participants to leave with the same information. 

Meeting Planning

The ability to share visual material on the spur of the moment enhances the effectiveness of the meeting overall. 

A well planned conference call has all necessary visual material distributed prior to the beginning of the call.

If something new comes up and new material is needed video is an invaluable tool.

You can use Video to distribute materials visually and physically later if necessary. 

This allows for a degree of spontaneity that cannot exist in verbal-only conference calls.

Best Parts of a Video Chat Meeting

In short, a conference call that includes video is altogether a richer and more

It is also a far more satisfying experience.

A Video Chat Meeting is a more efficient use of time than verbal calls. 

It allows for more effective information sharing as well as team building and clear communication. 

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