Video Conference Call & Meeting Solutions

A Great Video Conference Call Solution makes the experience fantastic.

From Organizing the time to controlling who speaks and who listens.


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A Great Video Conference Call Solution makes the experience work as good as in person meetings.
Bad solutions can turn into a disaster and waste everyone’s time.
Let us share what we found was Amazing.
Conference calling allows people who are geographically distant from each other to conduct meetings.
Conference calling can handle long distance sales presentations & consultations.
You can give reports, and generally conduct business without spending a fortune on travel.

How Can I Video Call ?

There is a wide range of options for making a video Call.

These Options are based upon what type of video call you need to place.

Zoom Conference Calls

The Zoom platform has emerged as a leader over the past few years.

By no means the only one being used, however its platform stability has gone a long ways.

Early on Zoom had issues with hackers breaking into calls.

These were mostly kids not interested in causing serious security issues.

Rather they did what kids do.

Things they thought were funny like nude pics and vulgar language.

How did Zoom deal with this issue?

Zoom added a level of security to all calls and video meetings.

Every call is automatically assigned a meeting ID and security code once you enable it in your settings.

This instantly corrected the issues.

Most Popular Video Call System

Easily the most popular system is Zoom.

They shot up from nothing to a world domination on video calls.

Zoom started out with a great product and did some super smart marketing.

They know people are creatures of habit.

So they designed a great and easy to use system.

They started up and charged nobody for the services.

All it took was 1 year and they have most of the market.

People liked what they used and didn’t have to pay.

They started simply choosing zoom because they are used to it.

They know what to expect.

Personal Video Call

A Quick Personal Video call is the easiest and most common.

You want the call to be free.

There is no need to use a large provider with Conferencing capability

You don’t even want to use your computer or laptop.

Simple cell phone video calls are fast and easily done.

To use your android or apple phone simply download a highly rated APP and have your call.

How to improve your cell Video Call

The biggest complaint for cell video calls is having to hold up the cell phone.

On the other side its having the image move around too much.

It is very distracting and takes away from the actual call.

How can you deal with this ? How can you improve your Cell phone Video calls?

The easiest is to buy and use a Cell phone Tripod.

Fast to setup and use.

Cheap to buy.

You will wonder why you didn’t buy one sooner.

Teleconferencing used to be your only Option

Teleconferencing is limited only to traditional phone lines when it first was developed.

Today you can use online components such as charts or graphs that are shown in sync with the telephone presenter’s needs.

You can even be entirely web based and use technologies such as VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol.

This type of calling has been around for a long time.

It was first used commercially in Germany in the 1930’s.

Even the astronauts that first traveled to the moon used a form of video teleconferencing to report back to earth.

Originally the system was expensive,and not in widespread use.

It was mainly used for large corporations & governments.

Also those who were extremely wealthy and could afford the sky-high costs.

The first community-based application of the technology began in 1992.

IBM corporation partnered with PictureTel.

Together they created a huge network that connected schools, libraries, and many other public institutions.

The project was reasonably successful and served to advance the development of web-based conference calling.

VideoConference Call

Conference calling has been possible since the 1960’s when AT&T first marketed their Picture-phone device.

The technology didn’t really come into its own until this century.

Travel has become more expensive and businesses have extended their branches all over the globe.

Audio Tele-Confenrence

Today’s conference call Technology is ATC, or audio tele-conference.

ATC encompasses everything from your basic three-way conversation, to a large teleconference synced with a simultaneous web presentation.

Large Teleconference Systems allows you to see what the presenter is talking about and ask questions as well.

The first high definition videoconferencing system hit the market in 2006.

It was developed by one company and now is offered by every service provider.

A Great Conference Call Solution can make the experience amazing, Let us Share what we found was Amazing:

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Conferencing Call VideoVideo Conferencing SolutionsOnline Virtual Meeting

Today’s Conference and Virtual Meeting Solutions

You can configure you Conference calls in many ways.

It is possible to set up the call so that one or more parties can listen but not speak.

Other systems also allow all parties can participate fully.

The format of the call can be set up to accommodate your individual needs,.

The instigator of the Conference contacts each participant so that they become part of the call.

Other systems send each participant a number to call at a certain time to join the call.

Most telephone companies offer conference calling services and have several different options to choose from.

The telephone company is in charge of maintaining and operating the conference bridge.

They also issue the phone numbers and PINs that allow people to access the calls.

How to Organize a Conference Call

It is imperative that you ensure that every participant of a conference call has clear written instructions.

This tells them exactly when and how their part in the conference will work.

It can cause chaos if some people assume that the presenter will be calling them to join the conference.

Other people will assume they need to call the same number as last time which doesn’t work/

This leads to chaos with participants on the call waiting for others who may not appear at all.

Conference Service Costs

All of these arrangements can be made by the teleconference service provider if you do not want to do it yourself.

It is simple but also expensive so being organized up front saves you money.

Of course, the more services you purchase, the more money it costs.

It all depends on your needs & the price you can pay.

Increased cost increases the abilities of the company they have chosen to use to make the call.

Conference Calls and Webinars

Many companies send selected employees to various conferences and/or educational events during the course of every year.

The Savings Potential

Larger companies spend more than a million dollars a year to send a hundred employees to various symposiums or educational conferences.

For companies with more than enough money to pay for such things, this is fine.

Smaller companies need to keep an eye on expenses so the teleconference option is the ideal solution.

Taking into account the environmental costs of travel to traditional conferences and symposiums video conferencing is superior.

Most companies have a teleconferencing provider that offers all of the features and options that they might need.

You can take full advantage of the service in every situation that would be appropriate for it.

The logistics of setting up a teleconference are extremely simple compared to organizing travel plans for several individuals.

Conference Call Etiquette

Conference calls and Videoconferencing

Video Chat

Conference calling with a large group can be a confusing and chaotic experience if done wrong.

But its a rewarding and productive work session when done in an optimal manner.

A well-run conference call can accomplish a great deal of work as long as all the necessary elements are in place and functioning well.

One of the main elements of conference calling is video.

Video allows the participants to put faces to names, to see and respond to visual cues.

You can also share visual material quickly and easily, and to notice if any participants are not getting a chance to speak up.

One of the most effective ways to promote workplace cooperation is allowing employees a chance to get to know each other.

None Video Conference Calls

Conference calls without video don’t allow facial recognition to happen.

Anyone who is not good at voice recognition may not even know who is speaking half the time.

As humans, one of our  most powerful recognition tools is facial recognition.

When we take that away we loose a big piece of normal human interaction.

Seeing your co-worker’s faces can also provide clues to what they are thinking, adding another layer of nuance to the meeting.


Conference Solutions plus Webinar’s

It is possible to synchronize a web presentation to a conference call as well.

This allows you to give a talk while simultaneously showing your listeners the visuals that illustrate your points.

This system requires a little education and some practice to perfect, but is invaluable.

Particularly when your point is difficult to explain solely in words, but is made clear immediately by the addition of a visual aid.

Your teleconference will be better when you can upload a greeting that you have created yourself.

Perhaps you can even load custom music for those on hold.

You can even switch presenters, allowing two people hundreds or thousands of miles apart to collaborate on a presentation,.

They can even answer questions at the end of the presentation while using online tools to illustrate their points.

There are drawing tools that will allow teleconference attendees to see the drawing process in real time.

The presenter draws in front of them and it appears on everyone’s screens.

Conference Calls and VoIP

The teleconference supported by the web is an intermediate step between phone-only teleconferences and videoconferencing, in which everything is done online and no phones are involved.

Videoconferencing was not popular because the audio quality was poor, making it difficult to understand.

Today’s technology is far superior and everyone can easily follow and understand.

The Voice Echo Problem

It was not uncommon to have a severe echo effect or a long time lag that made the presenter look slightly deranged.

Echo is caused by a gap between mouth movements and sounds.

The echo problem disappeared because of a development of Acoustic Echo Cancellation, or AEC.

This technology takes up a lot of your processor’s attention, but it is extremely effective at making video conference calls understandable and easy to listen to.

The time-lag problem has not yet been entirely solved, but with advances in computer speed, it is much less of a problem than it once was.

The last ten years has seen the technology improve dramatically.

Today the online video conference is widely used where a visual component is needed to augment the audio portion of a conference call.

Video Conference Equipment

The downside to video conferencing, though, is the equipment.

Each participant needs to have a computer with a microphone, a camera, speakers, a monitor, a method of data transfer, and a computer, or data processing unit.

Some units incorporate all of these things into one package, but they are not a practical investment for a firm that would only use them a few times a year.

Effective and Cheap Solutions

You will find programs to purchase and install on desktop computers as long as they have the necessary audio and visual equipment.

More practical, from a business point of view, is the downloadable software offered by several different companies.

You need a laptop computer complete with a built-in camera, microphone, and speakers.

Your internet connection must also be good.

Your IP must be capable of transmitting and receiving the large amounts of data.

Medical Teleconferencing

Another service that is available for your teleconferencing needs is a recording service.

Many teleconference providers offer a recording service that will record the entire teleconference.

You get a high resolution audio file to add to your archives or send to those who could not be at the original teleconference.

Virtual Meeting Drawbacks

The more personal aspects of videoconferencing or teleconferencing have not yet been solved, and may never be.  E

Eye contact is important in conversation.

While faces are visible in a video conference true eye contact cannot be made.

This leads to less engagement on the part of the participants.

It can also lead to feelings of distrust or alienation.

Time lag can increase those feelings, which is unhelpful for the presenter, to say the least.

Appearance can be a stumbling block for videoconferencing.

Especially if you are extremely self-conscious in front of a camera.

These feelings of self-consciousness can be distracting enough to derail the presentation for some people.

It can also make it such a miserable experience that you will not be willing to participate in such ventures in the future.

When working from home you cannot appear on a video conference inappropriately dressed.

Especially if this is a business meeting.

Failure to consider this will embarrass you and your employer.

Premium Conference Calls

Teleconferencing and videoconferencing are useful but they do have their drawbacks.

Most Popular Video Chat APPS

Video chat APPS work by streaming video simultaneously with voice transmission.

Video Chat gives you the ability to talk face to face from almost anywhere in the world.

There are several different types of technology that allow this to happen.

The best are signaling servers, TURN servers, and STUN servers.

These all work through WebRTC (Real Time Communications).

They connect individual IP addresses.

They create the streaming process and fix problems that occur.

Conferencing must establish and maintain an audio-video connection.

If you and the person you want to call both use iOS you can use face-time to facilitate your video chat.

This only works on Apple Devices,.

If one of you has an Android product you need a different solution.

We will concentrate on apps that work no matter which operating system you use.

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