Visual Enhancements on your Smartphone:

Visual Enhancement
Visual Enhancement

Sometimes the type on smartphones seems ridiculously small, we have helper : Visual Enhancements.

For those of us who have trouble seeing small print, the default settings on our smartphones can be too small for comfort. 

There is a way to make the print larger so that it is easier to read. 

IPhone Visual Enhancement:

Changing the font size on your phone is an easy enough process.

The size of the screen on your phone will limit the amount of enlargement you can get for both text and icons.

If you have an iPhone the screen is usually quite small, but there are still some significant improvements you can make.

All you have to do is go to Settings, choose Display and Brightness, then select Bold Text under Text Size.

The second way to enhance the visual appearance of your iPhone is to go to Settings, select Display and Brightness,

and scroll down until you find View. 

Select Zoomed View and make sure to select Set in the top right corner. 

The combination of these two settings changes will make the icons bigger and text bolder. 

Android Visual Enhancements:

Android phones often have quite large screens, so enlarging both icons and text can be really effective. 

Using an Android phone, you should go to Settings.

In the Settings menu, look for Accessibility, then a Vision or Font Size option.

Some phones have a slider that allows you to make the font smaller or larger.

Use the slider to experiment with font sizes until you find one you find comfortable.

Be sure to tap Done so that it saves your changes. 

If you want to change the size of the icons on your screen, go to Settings.

Choose Display, then Display Size.

Then use the slider to change the size of the icons to suit yourself.

Check for a Done button to save your changes.  Some phones have one and others just save the slider setting automatically.