Voice Commands for Cell Phones

voice commands
voice commands

Voice Commands, It is really pretty amazing that we can speak to our smartphones

and not only have them answer us, but perform tasks that we ask them to carry out as well. 

You can ask Siri to start Apple Maps and verbally direct you to an address, for example,

or ask Google Assistant how to do long division, and you will get the results you need both times. 

Which of these voice command systems is better, though? 

They both have a lot of good points, and in the end it probably boils down to which feels more comfortable to use. 


Siri is exclusively used by iOS devices,

and cannot transfer over to Android devices, which limits its popularity to some extent. 

It has a small advantage over Google Assistant in that it is designed for and integrated into Apple devices,

so you don’t run into compatibility issues with it.

Siri is great at voice recognition – better than Google Assistant in most cases. 

You will very seldom find Siri obeying the wrong voice, whereas that is not at all unusual for Google Assistant.

You can change the voice Siri uses and customize the platform to a certain extent,

but the basic functions remain the same. 

If you tell it to, Siri can answer your phone for you, send a text message for you, or answer a question. 

Google Assistant Voice Commands

Google Assistant is more widely available than Siri

because it can be used by both iOS devices and Android ones. 

There can be a few compatibility issues with it in some cases, but they are usually relatively easy to resolve.

 Above all, Google Assistant is smart. 

When you ask a question, it is great at figuring out what exactly you want to know. 

With most voice command systems,

if you don’t ask a question the way the program understands the question you won’t get the answer you need.