What SmartPhone Issues can be Fixed

Fixable issues with your Smart Phone

When your Phones Dies or you simply have SmartPhone Issues and is not working you need to take steps.

Replacing the Phone is the least preferred method.

What you really need to know is can your device be fixed.

If it can be fixed how long will it take.

What will you have to pay to fix it ?

Dead or Locked Device

When your Phone is dead or locked up it is essentially unresponsive.

This type of SmartPhone Issues is the most frustrating

Before you give up and take it somewhere you can try a few things which will not take you long.

Step 1

Plug in the phone and see if it starts charging.

Can you see the icon moving to show charge is being accepted ?

What is the current battery level ?

If it is not charging you need to try a different cable and power supply.

If that is not possible then try plugging in a different device to verify that the charger and cable work.

Step 2

Remove the battery.

Inspect it for corrosion and reinstall it.

Can you turn it on now ?

Step 3

Hold the power button for 30 seconds and then release.

Did the phone do anything ?

Did it vibrate or chime ?

Is the screen responsive now ?

step 4

remove the battery and let the device sit for 30 minutes at least.

Replace the battery and see if it is not running.

Step 5

If non of these worked then the issue is not simple.

You need to find help.

Water Damaged Phone

Water damage is a big problem because electronics and water are a bad combination.

There are absolutely things you can do right away to mitigate water damage.

Water conducts electricity.

This means it is shorting out you circuit board.

Because water flows unpredictably it is impossible to know how or where things short out.

No matter what you want to minimize this damage.

The first thing you must do is power down the device.

Pull the covers and remove the battery.

Next get as much water out of the device as you can.

Blown air and shaking the device can help a lot.

Do not trust that all the water is gone.

That is a critical mistake.

Let the phone or tablet sit with the cover off and give it time for the last of the water to evaporate.

How long ?

In the heat at least 6 hours.

Overnight is best.

It is literally impossible to remove all the water without letting it evaporate.

Dry the battery to ensure its not shorting out.

The next day re-assemble and start it up.

Often it is fixed.

If not you have larger issues.

You will need a professional to help at this stage.

Physically Damaged or Run Over

Physical Damage is one of the most clear cut SmartPhone Issues.

When your phone is Physically damaged it is far more cut and dry.

There are 2 main parts to this type of Damage.

First, is the Phone able to power up and respond.

If it does then your main circuit board is working but you will have other parts that need help.

Most often the screen is broken and you can see this instantly.

A broken screen is easily replacible and is very cost effective.

As long as the device powers up it is worth fixing.

Corroded Device

Frozen Screen

Dropped in Ocean

Dropped in Pool or Toilet

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