Word Processing: LibreOffice

LibreOffice is becoming a very popular and widely respected word processing program in North America.

The program is completely free and doesn’t have a paid version at all. 

This makes it a great program for those who are not interested in a paid program.

LibreOffice is compatible with all the big operating systems, so you can use it no matter what platform you need to use.

As with most office suites, there are three main divisions of the program – word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Many users say this is the best office program available, citing its ease of use, versatility, and excellent features.

LibreOffice Best Features:

This is a very comprehensive program with all the basic features you would expect, like word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations,

but it also has a host of other features that enhance the performance of the main ones and make the whole thing easy to navigate.

You can use the Math program to create formulas for your spreadsheets,

also can use Draw to edit graphics, and create charts or graphs with an easy to use system.

There are a lot of extensions for this program,

so it is well worth the time to go through them all just to learn what tools they have and how you could use them to enhance your work.

Office Extensions:

Some of the extensions offered are pretty amazing – like there’s a QR code generator, a huge number of templates,

a chart extension that helps you to make efficient office charts, and spellcheckers for over thirty languages.

You can find an investment calculator and a barcode generator,

drawing templates and reminder calendars, and even personal budget templates.

Going through the list of extensions may even inspire you to use some of them to make your life easier.

The sheer number of extensions is mind boggling

– they seem to have thought of everything you could possibly need in a word processing program and included it here.