Word Processing Programs: Grammarly

Word Processing Programs
Word Processing Programs

There are many different word processing programs that let you do basic word processing,

and while Grammarly is not strictly speaking a word processing program,

it can enhance your use of any other word processor.

The wonderful thing about Grammarly is that it will not only help you to write well but teach you to write better.

Grammarly is an AI program that allows you to edit any document that you have written, from a text to a book.

You can put any document you’ve written into Grammarly and specify what style of writing you are aiming for,

and Grammarly will give you suggestions for corrections and edits.

Word Processing Programs Choices on Grammarly:

People speak differently in different circumstances, and we write differently depending on the purpose of what we’re writing.

A text to a friend might be extremely informal, using slang, dubious spelling, and emojis,

but texting a business contact will require a while different set of grammar rules.

For this reason, you can choose the type of editing style you want Grammarly to apply to your document.

There are six writing style options on Grammarly, including Casual, Business, Technical, Creative, Academic, and General.

The General setting is the most used feature, since it has elements of all the other options and will catch almost all grammar errors easily.

Each of the other choices is specifically designed to support a specialized style of writing. 

Grammarly Choices:

The basic program is free, but the free version doesn’t include access to all the possible features.

Choosing the paid version is a good idea for those who write a lot, as it allows you to use every possible feature that Grammarly offers.

If your job depends on producing written documents of any sort,

Grammarly can make you look good to everyone who reads what you write.

It can also help you to learn to write better as you use it,

since it provides explanations of the mistakes you have made and suggestions for how to use correct grammar in every situation.