Word Processing Programs: WPS Office

WPS Office
WPS Office

WPS Office is not a hugely well-known product, but it is becoming more popular all the time. 

The program was once called Kingsoft Office, and is a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation program. 

You can find WPS Office pre-installed on some Linux products and Fire Tablets.

The program is free to download, but as with most office suites,

you can purchase a better version with more features if the basic program is not quite what you need.

Even the paid version is not expensive, though, so it is certainly not cost-prohibitive.

There are some very good aspects to this program, which make it easy and convenient to use.

Best Features of WPS Office:

One of the best things about WPS is that it works on all the main operating systems. 

It works with Windows and Linux, and on mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

The program lets you create documents while using an excellent text editor feature,

and it has the ability to have several tabs open at once, which allows you to work on more than one document at a time.

You can add videos and other media into presentations on this platform and turn your documents into PDF files easily. 

One of the best features of WPS Office is how easy it makes it to retrieve files that have been deleted,

which is not something every office program offers.

Using WPS Office:

Since WPS Office is a cloud-based program,

you can access your created documents and projects from your phone or tablet as well as your desktop or laptop.

This feature makes it easy to work from pretty much anywhere,

so you can add to or edit your work at any time and in any place, as long as you have internet access.

I would recommend taking an hour to look through all the features the program offers

and learn how the program works before trying to use it.